In the season of 2009/2010 my friend and famous winemaker Ulrich Allendorf asked me if I would be interested to work on a project demonstrating the actual hand work that winemaking is. That is, not duplicating the myriads of beautiful pictures of vineyards in autumn but instead trying to show the hands that in fact do the hard work. I was immediately fascinated – such a great project for one of the top wineries in the world class Rheingau area. We agreed on black-and-white photography and our goal was an exhibition of large format bw prints.

As a result, for one whole season I became part of their team and family and spend time with them out in the vineyards rain or shine. I saw und understood every step in professional winemaking and more than ever savour a glass of Riesling or Pinot Noir. Finally, on 10 September 2010 we exhibited the result of our work in their „Weinerlebniswelt“, a EU/EC award-winning site where one can experience the universe of wine. I produced the prints on my old 24″ bw printer, including some heart attacks where the old beast would not continue work. Many imgaes were used for advertising, in exclusive food magazines and also in and around their several locations, such as the „Vinothek Allendorf“ in famous Rüdesheim.

Enjoy a selection of the images.